BBQ Pepper Mill - 12 Inch

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This 12 inch tall BBQ pepper mill is the first manual pepper mill from Peugeot with a built-in light and a convenient handle so it can be hung from the barbecue for easy storage and accessibility at all times. Innovative AND practical!
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The all-terrain BBQ pepper mill is capable of shrugging off impact and withstanding intensive outdoor use with its rubber protection and stainless steel base. As an extra bonus, the LED light automatically switches on when the pepper mill is tilted to 25° and ensures long-lasting battery life to offer at least 20,000 on/off cycles before needing to be changed. After use, the light gradually switches off when the pepper mill is returned to a vertical position.

- Made in France
- Designed for outdoor use
- Peugeot’s first manual pepper mill with a built-in light
- Light switches on when the pepper mill is tilted to a 25° angle and gradually switches off when vertical
- LED Light with a long battery life
- Handle makes it easily portable
- Resistant to impact
- Wood sourced from French PEFC-certified forests
- Water-based paint and varnish
- Classic grind adjustment system: turn the knob clockwise for a finer grind, or counterclockwise for a coarser grind
- Grinder mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty
- Five-year warranty for the pepper mill body

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