We love sharing our experience with you and want you to have all the latest tools and cookware to carry on your family traditions. Check out our videos on how to use and care for your Vitamix Blenders, WÜSTHOF cutlery, Le Creuset cast iron cookware, Lotus Grills and other cooking tools. 


e-Cloth at Creative Kitchen
e-Cloth helps you keep your home clean without the need to use chemicals. Visit Creative Kitchen and ask us how we can help you eliminate chemicals from your home.

Professional Maintenance for your Knives at Home

The Worksharp knife sharpener model E3 and E5 bring professional sand belt sharpening to any knife you own in the convenience of your own home. 

De Buyer Mineral B Fry Pans
The De Buyer France Mineral B fry pan will easily become your favorite pan in your kitchen. The more you cook on it the more you will enjoy it. Safe to cook on High Heat, Low Heat and everything in between as well as all cooking surfaces. 


Moccamaster Coffee Makers
The Moccamaster Coffee Makers belong in every coffee lover's kitchen. The KB and KBT Coffee Brewers are able to produce the perfect cup of coffee every time


Stay Hydrated and Enjoy Summer
Stay hydrated and enjoy Summer with the Prodyne fruit infusion pitcher, the fun conversation starter Gurgle Pot and keep your drinks cool with the Swig to-go wine tumbler


The Lotus Grill
Enjoy grilling all year long with the indoor or outdoor Lotus Grill.


Spend More Time and Enjoy Your Family and Friends with the Vitamix
Here is a quick demonstration, featuring the Vitamix A3500 and A2500 Ascent Series on how these terrific products can help you spend more time with your friends and family.

WÜSTHOF Knives and Cutlery at Creative Kitchen


WÜSTHOF Top 3 Must-Have Knives for Every Kitchen


WÜSTHOF Specialty Knives at Creative Kitchen


WÜSTHOF Knife Maintenance


WÜSTHOF Knife Care


WÜSTHOF Knives - Cut Your Onions Without Tears


Important Kitchen Tools


Le Creuset Specialty Pieces
Here are a few of the Le Creuset Cast Iron Specialty Pieces that you may want to add to your collection.


How To Care for Your Cast Iron
Helpful tips on how to care and maintain your Le Creuset Cast Iron pieces.


Cast Iron Tailgating and Camping
You can use your Le Creuset Cast Iron while cooking at home, when you go out camping and even bring it with you to tailgating.

Top 3 Cast Iron Pieces for Every Kitchen
Here are our Top 3 recommended Cast Iron pieces for every kitchen.

Upgrade Your Crockpot and Switch to Le Creuset Cast Iron

Who is Le Creuset Cast Iron For?

What is Le Creuset Cast Iron?

Keep Food Fresh with Food Huggers!
Reduce waste & keep food fresher longer with Food Huggers. Made from food-grade silicone, these little guys hug food of various sizes to keep it fresh.

Norpro Watermelon Slicer
This gadget is one of our Summer favorites! 


Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Cookwear

Knife Skills Demonstration
Chef Andrea Sand teaching knife skills right in the store! 

Make Swedish Pancakes

Swiss Diamond Cutlery Demonstration with Dee

Sharp WÜSTHOF Knife - Less Onion Tears
Wusthof expert, Tod, shows us a great technique for cutting onions! Fun fact: Onions make your eyes water because a dull knife smashes the membrane of the onion and releases more vapors into the air. A Sharp knife = less tears!

WÜSTHOF 8-inch Cook's Knife