Q-Swiper Grill Cleaning Set

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It’s a safe, bristle-free way to swipe away grease and grime for a clean and healthy grill every time you barbecue.
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This patented grill grate cleaner combines the Q-SWIPER Grill Brush and scraper with our tough, moist Q-SWIPER BBQ grill cleaning wipes to safely remove tough grease and grime.

It's Safer

  • Clean your grill grates with a safe grill brush cleaning system
  • Bristle Free and Wire Free Cleaning
  • No need to worry about potentially harmful steel wire grill brush bristles getting dislodged onto food and dangerously ingested
  • Q-SWIPER® Cleaning Wipes remove grease to cut down on dangerous flare-ups
  • Uses recognized food contact safe ingredients and natural cleaning agents derived from corn and coconuts.

It's Healthier

  • Use a new clean Q-SWIPER® moist BBQ grill cleaning wipe before every time you cook for a clean & healthy grill.
  • Stop reusing a dirty BBQ Grill Brush, soiled scrub pad or wooden scraper over and over again to clean your dirty grill grates…it just doesn’t make any sense.
  • Removes the risk and threat of harmful bacteria build-up on your grill.

It's Cleaner

  • Enjoy better tasting food cooked on your grill and not the greasy remnants from the last time you barbecued.
  • The Q-SWIPER® Cleaning Wipes are moistened with natural cleaning agents that swipe away grease & grime.
  • A clean grill will deter pests and insects from making your BBQ their home.


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