Gourmet Popping Corns

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Gourmet popcorn available in four very different flavors!

These gourmet popping corns work perfectly in your Whirley Pop Stovetop Popping Machine. One pound makes approximately 4 batches of popcorn in the Whirley Pop.

Flavorful - These kernels are almost as pretty to look at as they are flavorful and fun to eat! Our gourmet colored popcorn kernels make an easy and wonderful way to mix up your snack routine! When popped, the kernels do not retain their color. Instead, the mix of red, blue, white and yellow kernels each offer their own unique taste for a flavorful blend.

Big & Yellow - These tender yellow kernels pop into some of the most crunchy and delicious popcorn around. The kernel could be described as "Movie Theater Style" because the popped corn closely resembles what you would see at the theater. The popcorn connoisseur would describe the popped kernels as having a "butterfly" shape; which means it has "wings" that are perfect for catching and holding the butter and seasoning added to it. 

Purple - A very tender and fluffy piece of popcorn that is packed full of antioxidants, which researchers have suggested offer many health benefits. Who knew these little purple kernels could be so good for you? It is packed full of flavor and even has less hulls than most kernels of its size. These prized purple kernels will not retain their color when popped, instead popping into a medium to large piece of popcorn with a brilliant white color. 

Tender & White - White popping corn is truly a specialty popcorn that is sought after for its tenderness and taste. This kernel will pop into a medium sized piece of mouthwatering, tender popcorn. You might be wondering what the difference is between yellow and white popcorn, right? Much of it comes down to personal preference by the popcorn experts. Generally, you can by the the rule of thumb that white popcorn kernels pop up into a little lighter, more tender and delicate piece of popcorn.

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