The General's Hot Sauce

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The General’s Hot Sauce is a veteran owned company in the U.S.! All of their hot sauces are made with peppers grown here in the U.S., and each bottle of hot sauce contains 86% actual peppers!
  • A Salt Weapon - a coarse grain sea salt blended with ground sun-dried habanero peppers
  • Shock & Awe - a very hot, citrusy habanero sauce
  • HOOAH Jalapeño - a versatile mild green jalapeño sauce
  • Grunt Green - All-natural, tangy mild green cayenne hot sauce. 100% American-grown peppers
  • Bold Gold - A mild cayenne-infused imported extra virgin olive oil
  • Dead Red -  Louisiana-grown, fully ripe red cayenne peppers hand-picked at exactly that right time
  • Danger Close - All-natural, hot blend of cayenne and habanero peppers hot sauce. 100% American-grown peppers
  • Maple Mayhem - Vermont maple syrup infused with sun-dried remnant habanero mash
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