Pure Vanilla Extract NM 4 oz

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"Plain Vanilla" is anything but plain! Re-imagine the potential of this popular flavor with Nielsen-Massey's pure vanilla extract!
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Under the warm rays of the tropical sun, expert farmers carefully hand-pollinate delicate white and yellow vanilla orchid flowers to produce long seed pods that resemble green beans. These pods ripen on the vine under the tropical sun for around 9 months before being hand-harvested and cured. The pods are first blanched in hot water, then placed in the sun each day to absorb heat and moved to large wooden boxes each night to sweat. From pollinating to harvesting to curing, it takes well over a year to transform the fragrant flowers of vanilla orchids into distinctive, long, dark brown vanilla beans. This time- and skill-intensive process - in addition to Nielsen-Massey's proprietary cold-extraction process - results in vanilla with an unparalleled flavor that cannot be matched by synthetic alternatives. This pure vanilla extract has more than 250 flavor compounds that create a taste that's truly exceptional! The flavor experts at Nielsen-Massey carefully blend varieties of vanilla to create this extract; its flavor is rich and sweet, reminiscent of the classic vanilla flavor your customers know and love.

With hundreds of applications in your gourmet kitchen, the possibilities for this pure vanilla extract are practically limitless! Blend a few tablespoons into the batters of your cakes, cookies, and brownies, or beat it into your frostings and icings to create a delicious topping that will complement all of your culinary creations. This extract's complex flavor profile will add depth and richness to your baked goods and sweet treats that synthetic imitations simply cannot replicate! You can also try mixing this vanilla extract into house-made ice cream for a decadent treat that your customers are sure to remember. Keep a vial of vanilla extract behind the bar to add exotic flavor to iced teas, sangrias, or Manhattans.

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