Stackable Silicone Popsicle Mold - Large - Set/4

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Easy to make delicious home-made ice pops that are stackable and will save room in the freezer. Easy to fill design and comes with a lid to protect your creation from unwanted flavors and smells in the freezer.
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Make delicious homemade popsicles in the easiest, fastest and healthiest way with this kit of 4 ice cream moulds, in its largest version.


With these large lolly-shaped moulds, you will prepare popsicles at home with the ingredients that you like the most. Its horizontal filling design makes it much more stable, easier and safer, so even the kids can make their own ice cream.


The moulds contain a lid that will protect the preparation from smells and flavors. In addition, thanks to their shape and the same lid, they are stackable together to save space in the freezer or when storing them.


They are very easy to unmould, thanks to the flexibility of platinum silicone, and are dishwasher safe.


Includes a stick for each mould, plus easy lactose- and gluten-free ice cream recipes.

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