Cocktail Drink Bomb 2 Pack

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Make easy, delicious craft cocktails in an instant - no bartender required! Can be used for mocktails, does not contain alcohol. Make 1 or 2 drinks with each bomb.

Here's how cocktail bombs work in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select your favorite Drink Bomb and add to a glass
  2. Add 4 oz of your favorite room temperature or slightly chilled carbonated water (flavored or unflavored)
  3. Add 2 oz of your favorite alcohol
    Optional: Use a shaker or blend with ice for a frozen beverage!

Watch as the Drink Bomb reacts with the liquid and magically creates a cocktail instantly. Cheers!

Drink Bombs typically dissolve in less than a minute. Ice cold sparkling water will dissolve slower. Always add alcohol last; because alcohol typically has sugar so that it will dissolve more gradually. Alcohol with lower sugar content is recommended for a low-calorie drink.

One Drink Bomb can make up to two cocktails, 6-8 oz per drink, depending on how sweet you like your drinks. Mix the Bomb in one vessel, then divide as needed after it has been fully mixed. 

Bellini Blush: The taste of fresh peaches from this classic Italian cocktail will make you believe life is beautiful. Savor the this drink bomb with your favorite sparkling wine, cava, champagne or other bubbly beverage. Optional - add a fresh slice of peach to the rim or drop in a few blackberries as garnish. 

Pina Colada: Close your eyes and this delicious tropical combination of coconut and pineapple will sail you away to the perfect island paradise. Just add rum or any other neutral spirit. Bonus if you add the dissolved drink to a blender with ice for a delicious treat. 

Strawberry Kiwi: This drink is sweet, tart, and oh so refreshing! It’s perfect for those warm, hot summer days. Pairs well with your favorite liquor like vodka or rum.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Natural Fruit Powder, Powdered Sugar, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Erythritol Sweetener, Monk Fruit, Natural and/or Artificial Flavoring. Made in United States.

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