Swissmar Imports

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Swissmar Imports Borner Nutcracker w/ Wooden Handle

The Borner Nut Cracker is easy to use, comfortable in your hand and convenient to crack various nuts with a hard shell such as pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, especially for walnuts and can be used to remove champagne corks.


Swissmar Imports Stainless Steel 4-Piece Petite Cheese Knife Set

Entertain in style with the Swissmar cheese knife set.


Swissmar Imports Swiss Fire Gel Refill .5 L

This unique fondue fuel (Swiss fire gel) is meant to be used with your fondue burner.


Swissmar Imports Micarta2 PC Lux Set

Our Lux range of full tang forged construction cheese knives feature attractive handles made from linen Micarta (linen with an epoxy resin). These handles are wonderfully distinctive, yet strong and durable


Swissmar Imports Micarta Cheese Knife Universal

Blade is suitable for cutting a wide variety of cheeses.

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