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OXO Cookie Scoops

Designed for easy scooping and consistent shaping.


OXO Silicone Baking Cups

The secret recipe to making consistent cupcakes every time is are these Baking Cups from OXO.

OXO Glass Baking Dish with Lid
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OXO Glass Baking Dish with Lid

Made of thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, which means it can go from freezer to oven without the need to thaw.


OXO Trigger Fat Separator

Easily separate the fat for healthier gravies soups and sauces.


OXO Cookie Press with Storage Case

Dispenses dough for consistent and fun shaped cookies!

OXO Meat Flavor Injector
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OXO Meat Flavor Injector

Injects marinades and other flavorings into meat and poultry for delicious flavor and juiciness.


OXO GreenSaver Crisper Inserts

Mount with suction cups on crisper walls above produce to absorb ethylene with non-toxic enhanced carbon filters.


OXO Magnetic Clips 4-Pack

Larger magnetic clips for organizing your home or office.


OXO Angled Measuring Cups

Measure as you work, with these handy angled cups from OXO.


OXO Snap Seal Rectangle Containers

Glass containers in a variety of sizes for all of your food storage needs.


OXO Pop Seal Containers

Keep your dry foods fresh and your home organized.


OXO Roasting Racks - 2 Pack

Designed to hold the weight of large poultry and roasts to allow for drainage of grease and fat away from the food.

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