Aberdeen Smart Tea Maker

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An infuser teapot that sits comfortably on a regular tea mug and allows you to pour your tea straight into the mug.
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The ABERDEEN from GROSCHE is an easy, simple way to make your loose-leaf tea. This smart tea maker allows you to steep your tea with minimal effort and no mess. Both, the 525ml size can sit comfortably on a regular tea mug and allow you to pour your tea straight from the infuser pot into your mug. The see-through design allows you to watch your tea steeping and taking color for the perfect infusion.

How to Use: 

Place your favorite black tea, green tea or other loose-leaf tea in the top of the ABERDEEN and pour boiling water into it. Let it steep and then simply place the infuser teapot on top of your mug and push down. While pushing down, the tea will pour directly into your cup from the bottom of the ABERDEEN. As soon as you remove the Aberdeen from the cup, the tea stops pouring.

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