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VAIN Coffee Drops 2oz

The drops are bottled in a 2 oz. amber bottle with a dropper lid.Use a half-dropper full of Coffee Drops in black coffee or add it to your milk before heating.


VAIN Citrus Vanilla Drops

We infuse premium vodka, all naturally, with orange peels.


VAIN Original Baker's Blend

The Original Baker’s Blend combines the classic rich vanilla tones of Planifolia beans and the delicate floral notes of the Tahenisis bean with a unique, subtle, underlying sweetness that can only be created when extracting in cane rum.


VAIN 4 oz Mexican Vanilla in Bourbon

Mexican beans deliver a smooth vanilla flavor with with subtle tones of smoke.


VAIN Tonga Vanilla in Orange Spirits 4oz

The brightness of our fresh orange-infused vodka is a natural counterpoint to the raisin and red wine tones of the Tongan vanilla bean.


VAIN Tahitian Vanilla in Cane Rum 4oz

You won't find a better vanilla bean than those from Tahiti. Plump, juicy, almost always larger than other beans - we always admire these Grade A beans.