Pampa Bay

Min: $0 Max: $50

Pampa Bay Small 2 Section Platter -white

Small round 2-section platter in Salerno with a yin and yang divider. Two halves that together complete wholeness!


Pampa Bay Porcelain Square Snack Bowl

Pampa Bay combined modern organic shapes with warm gold titanium tones to create their Golden Salerno serving pieces. They are sure to add vibrant character to modern tables and fresh energy to traditional settings.


Pampa Bay Triangular Serving Plate

Create a beautiful table setting with this one of a kind item. Great to use for serving an entrée or sides and starters like grilled vegetables, stuffed mushrooms or an irresistible cheese platter.


Pampa Bay Porcelain Snack Bowl

This Snack Bowl piece is great for any occasion. Makes a great housewarming gift.


Pampa Bay Olive Serving Dish

Dress up your olives in our beautifully crafted porcelain serveware.