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Olivelle Black Truffle Oil

Indulge in the distinct, earthy aroma of Italian truffles with this premium extra virgin olive oil. A favorite “special ingredient” for chefs that takes dishes from ordinary to extraordinary!


Olivelle Garlic & Herb Oil - Garlic, Basil, Rosemary

Enjoy the creamy, garlicky flavor that lends itself to the herby aroma of sweet basil and earthy rosemary. Perfect for enhancing all of your favorite dishes.


Olivelle Fiesta Spice Oil

This spicy and complex oil will take your taste buds on an exploration of flavors. Starting with hints of garlic, onion and cumin and finishing strong with chili peppers, this flavorful oil will add fiery fiesta spice to any of your dishes!


Olivelle Peppered Bacon Oil

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Enjoy the robust, smoky flavor of thick cut, peppered bacon paired with extra virgin olive oil. The best part? Waistline friendly. Delicious for… drizzling in the pan when scrambling eggs sautéing meats and vegetables maki


Olivelle Barrel Aged Traditional

RICH, DARK & THICK - LIKE A TRADITIONAL BALSAMIC! This barrel aged balsamic is a rich blend of 80% cooked grape must and premium aged wine vinegar, blended in perfect harmony and then aged up to 10 years in small oak casks.


Olivelle Avocado Oil

This cold pressed, extra virgin oil is pressed from fresh avocados without the use of any chemicals or heat, meaning more of that avocado superpower nutritional benefits are retained for your consumption.


Olivelle Dipper Sugar and Spice

This sweet spice blend of organic cane sugar, cinnamon and vanilla is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Perfect to add to your favorite french toast, drink or dessert recipe.


Olivelle Infused Sea Salt Roasted Garlic

Each crystal of this savory sea salt is infused with real garlic, creating a "tres gourmet" version of traditional garlic salt.


Olivelle Black Garlic Tamari Balsamic

This Black Garlic Tamari Soy Balsamic Vinegar will add depth and flavor unlike any soy sauce product. The fermented Black Garlic adds a savory element that is not often found in other ways.


Olivelle Balsamic of Modena

A classic Italian staple and our most popular balsamic vinegar, produced using traditional methods in Modena, Italy. This barrel aged, IGP balsamic vinegar is full bodied with a delicious sweetness that perfectly complements the natural tartness.


Olivelle Black Garlic Shiitake

Savory fans rejoice! The fermented black garlic and shiitake mushrooms combined in this rub creates an "umami" explosion of flavor for your cooking.


Olivelle Infused Sea Salt Thai Ginger

A delicious flavor burst of fresh juicy ginger, finished with the clean taste of sea salt.

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