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Olivelle Garlic & Herb Oil - Garlic, Basil, Rosemary

Enjoy the creamy, garlicky flavor that lends itself to the herby aroma of sweet basil and earthy rosemary. Perfect for enhancing all of your favorite dishes.


Olivelle Sweet Cream Butter Oil

Feel indulgent with this extra virgin olive oil that is infused with the creamy, buttery-ness of real butter without the saturated fats. Start switching out this oil for butter in any application to reap the true health benefits!


Olivelle Black Truffle Oil

Indulge in the distinct, earthy aroma of Italian truffles with this premium extra virgin olive oil. A favorite “special ingredient” for chefs that takes dishes from ordinary to extraordinary!


Olivelle Signature Dried Herb Blend Wild Garlic

A delicate blend of herbs is a staple of seasoning for everything from party dips to scrambled eggs.


Olivelle Caramelized Garlic Oil

A must have for all garlic lovers! Take pleasure in the smooth but robust flavor of slowly roasted, sweet garlic that combines beautifully with this high quality extra virgin olive oil.


Olivelle Peppered Bacon Oil

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Enjoy the robust, smoky flavor of thick cut, peppered bacon paired with extra virgin olive oil. The best part? Waistline friendly. Delicious for… drizzling in the pan when scrambling eggs sautéing meats and vegetables maki


Olivelle Blueberry Vinegar

Blueberry lovers will appreciate this sweet white vinegar made with balsamic vinegar of Modena and blended with fresh blueberries to create a perfectly balanced sweet and tart vinegar.


Olivelle Balsamic of Modena

A classic Italian staple and our most popular balsamic vinegar, produced using traditional methods in Modena, Italy. This barrel aged, IGP balsamic vinegar is full bodied with a delicious sweetness that perfectly complements the natural tartness.


Olivelle World Spice Moroccan Ras El Hanout

WARM & PUNGENT! Arabic for “head of the shop,” referring to this spice blend being the best spices in the shop. Believed by Moroccan’s to be an aphrodisiac, there is no reason not to sprinkle it on everything although it is typically used when rubbing


Olivelle World Spice Indian Garam Masala

SPICY & PUNGENT! Originating in Northern India where the winters are cold, Garam Masala directly translates into “hot mixture” referring to the spices ability to “heat” the body.

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