Messermeister Olive Elite Knives feature:

  • Italian olive wood handles
  • ergonomic design for great comfort and balance
  • Full-tang, forged blade made of the finest German steel alloy
  • Heirloom-quality craftsmanship 
Min: $0 Max: $250

Messermeister Oliva Elite Stealth Chefs Knives

Beautiful olivewood handles make these Messermeister knives as unique as they are functional, available in 8 and 10 inch.


Messermeister Oliva Elite Cheese Knife - 5 in

The Messermeister Oliva Elité 5" Cheese and Tomato Knife is the perfect addition to any cheese plate.


Messermeister Oliva Elite Scalloped Bread Knife - 9 in

The Messermeister Oliva Elité 9" Bread Knife has a scalloped edge with a gentle camber.


Messermeister Paring Knife

Artisanal olivewood handles perfect for a multitude of smaller kitchen tasks.


Messermeister Oliva Elite Kullenschliff Santoku Knife - 7 in

The Messermeister Oliva Elité 7” Kullenschliff Santoku, is a versatile Japanese chef's knife with a thin taper for maximum precision when slicing vegetables, fish and meat.


Messermeister Oliva Elite Fine Grit Honing Steel - 10 Inch

Keep your blades in tip-top condition by maintaining a razor-sharp edge with the Messermeister Oliva Elité 10-inch Fine Grit Steel.


Messermeister Oliva Elite Chef's Knife and Parer Set

This two piece set consists of the Messermeister Oliva Elité 8" Stealth Chef's Knife (E/6686-8S) and Oliva Elité 3.5" Paring Knife (E/6691-3.1/2).


Messermeister 195

The Messermeister Oliva Elité Carving Set consists of an 8" Kullenschliff Carving Knife (E/6688-8K) and a 6" Straight Carving Fork (E/6805-6).


Messermeister Oliva Elite Utility Knife - 6 in

You will find yourself using the Messermeister Oliva Elité 6” Utility Knife for all of your go-to tasks in the kitchen.


Messermeister Oliva Elite Straight Carving Fork - 6 in

The Messermeister Oliva Elité 6" Straight Carving Fork has a beautiful Mediterranean olive wood handle and fully forged fork tines.