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Dragon Fusion Chef's Knife (Nakiri) 8.5 inch

Extremely sharp nakiri knife with long-lasting edge.


Wusthof Wusthof Classic Cook's Knife

The Wusthof's Cook's Knife is considered by many to be an absolute staple for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Available in 6 sizes.

$119.95 $59.95

Dragon Chef's Knife

Extremely sharp chef's knife with long-lasting edge, these knives are handcrafted in Japan using American steel.


Epicurean Cutting Surfaces Classic Cutting Board with Hole

Cutting board made of richlite wood fiber material.


Wusthof Wusthof Locking Knife Blade Guard

Keep your knives secure for storage or for transport, with the Locking Knife Blade Guard from Wusthof.


Messermeister Two-Sided Water Sharpening Stone 1000/3000

A double-sided Japanese waterstone offering two grits: a fine 1000-grit side and an even finer 3000-grit side for your wet sharpening needs.


Dragon Santoku Knife

Extremely sharp santoku knife with long-lasting edge. Handcrafted in Japan and ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables, proteins, and fruit.


Wusthof Wusthof Pro Series Cook's Knife

Designed to meet tough day-to-day tasks, the Pro Series Cook's knife will be the workhorse of your kitchen. This 10-inch knife is a great starter knife, stamped with a plastic handle.


Wusthof Wusthof Classic Ikon Chef's Knife

Precision-forged German stainless steel with an ergonomic handle makes this high-quality knife a great choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Available in three sizes - 6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches.

$149.95 $89.95

Messermeister Stealth Chefs Knives

Chef's knives are the workhorse in every kitchen, available in 8-inch and 9-inch.


Epicurean Cutting Surfaces State-Shaped Epicurean Cutting Boards

State-shaped cutting board made of richlite wood fiber.


Wusthof Wusthof Classic Asian Utility Knife

The Wusthof Classic 4.5 inch Asian utility knife can be used as a mini cook's knife as well as a paring knife.

$74.95 $49.95
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