Architec Housewares

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Architec Housewares Recipe Rock



Architec Housewares Measuring Cups - 6-Piece

Set of 6 measuring cups made from recycled bamboo and nonplastic binder.


Architec Housewares Gripper Bar Board - 5 x 7 inch

These gripper bar board are the perfect size for cutting lemons, limes, garnishes and other small items in your kitchen or bar area.


Architec Housewares Gripper Board - 11 x 14 inch

The Original Gripper Board makes cutting easier by holding your board solid in place.


Architec Housewares Ecosmart Polyflax Cutting Board - 12 x 16 inch

Save 20+ plastic bottles from the landfill with this recycled eco-friendly, high-quality cutting board.


Architec Housewares Jewel Tone Measuring Spoons

EcoSmart Purelast measuring spoons are durable, functional, colorful and easy on the environment.


Architec Housewares EcoSmart 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Set of 3 mixing bowls made from recycled bamboo and nonplastic binder.


Architec Housewares Measuring Spoons - 5-Piece

This set EcoSmart Purelast Measuring Spoons comes with 5 colorful, designer spoons - perfect for any kitchen.


Architec Housewares Oil Block Wipes

30 mineral oil wipes to a pack


Architec Housewares Reusable Silicone Stretch Cooking Bands

Reusable heat-resistant silicone strech bands replace cooking twine.


Architec Housewares EcoSmart Polypaper Cutting Board - 12 x 16 inch

These durable cutting boards by Architec Housewares are a great addition to any kitchen. They are made at a zero-waste factory and make a great addition to every kitchen!


Architec Housewares Funnel Preps

Meet all of your funneling needs in style with this Architec Wet/Dry two-piece funnel set.